Who Are We?

We are Jay & Gaylen and we are the owners of Carriage Corner Bed & Breakfast.

As well as offering a traditional bed and breakfast experience, we also offer a sewing retreat weekend experience. We do this because Gaylen is an avid sewer and, honestly, sewing can be lonely and we wanted to come up with a way for friends to gather together away from their normal routine and do something they love.

Mr. Carriage Corner wearing his fall snoopy shirt
Jay kickin’ up leaves in his Fall Snoopy shirt

Gaylen’s first love is garment sewing and she sews for herself, Jay, and our daughters and granddaughter. You’ll find Jay wearing a handmade shirt most mornings while he’s meticulously chopping the fruit for your starter. Gaylen has started taking a few quilting classes since moving to Lancaster County and she’s also a knitter.

Jay is also creative and enjoys woodworking. He makes wooden pressing tools to make your sewing a bit easier. He also makes cutting boards, tables and helps Gaylen up-cycle furniture.

We organize several sewing weekends a year and details can be found on this blog as well as on our main website. We look forward to meeting you and helping you have the best sewing get away possible.